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    Four Hotel Booking in New York If You’re On A Tight Budget

    New York, also famous as the city that never sleeps, is the epitome of life. People are always heading towards somewhere and the streets are never empty. Life in New York is fast-paced and hectic. In a busy lifestyle, you want to have information easily available and being able to make fast decisions for yourself. […] More

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    Five Hideous Bollywood trends That Never Should Have Existed

    Bollywood rises up every day with new and equally interesting news and scandals. The most interesting thing about Bollywood news is nothing but fashion. Bollywood movies are known to start a fashion trend that never should have existed. Even the most iconic celebrities have been seen wearing clothes that didn’t make any sense or style […] More

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    Some Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Stop Watching Doraemon

    Doraemon is Japanese cartoon shown on Disney channel. They are dubbed in Hindi language. The cartoons are about a robot who lives with a kid, Nobita. Nobita is an innocent child and always use Doraemon and his gadgets for his help. The main characters of the cartoons are Nobita, Doremon, Jiyan, Suniyo and Shazuka Since […] More

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    With Shadi Season Comes December Sale Season

    December is everyone’s favorite month. While youngsters enjoy shadi season the most in December, the aunties enjoy the December discount season on some brands gets on two times with one at the beginning and another at the end of the month. While the sales have a lot to offer we want you to at least […] More

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    These Memes About Jahangir Tareen Are Making Us LOL.

    After a glorifying win, PTI had to convince independent contestants to join them in order to make their majority. Jahangir Tareen was given this duty to convince and bring the independent contestants to met Imran Khan. However, people couldn’t stop trolling him. Jahangir Tareen memes are the funniest thing you will read on social media […] More

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    Four Hotel Booking in Baku

    Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is not a place to be missed. While you might have low expectations of Baku, the city has a lot to offer. It is a mixture of modern and ancient lifestyles. People of different ethnicities live there with harmony. You will be amazed to see the modern places like the […] More

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    Bollywood Celebrities and Their Hottest Wives List

    When a Bollywood star gets popular, his fans want to know everything about his life. They are always looking for ways to sneak into their personal lives.  Some of the Bollywood wives get as popular as their actor husbands. Bollywood wives have their own long list of fans. People follow and appreciate the Bollywood wives […] More

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    Nawal Saeed – The Epitome Of Beauty With Brains

    The world is full of beautiful people. Rarely do we see beauty with brains. However, if you find someone like that, you’ve hit the jackpot. Although Pakistanis are famous for their beauty, we are one of the most intelligent nations as well. Our entertainment industry consists of gorgeous and talented people who have made us […] More