Excitingly Unexpected Twists and Turns of Elections 2018


    PTI Leader Imran Khan has won the seat from NA 35, Bannu defeating Akram Khan Durrani from MMA

    According to reports, Imran Khan bagged 113,822 votes and Akram Khan Durrani received 106,820. The record of the Election Commission of Pakistan shows that MMA candidates have been winning the election from this constituency for quite a while. In 2002, 2008 and 2013, MMA scored this seat consecutively! Moreover, MMA leaders always win by scoring around double the votes of runner up!

    MQM Loses in Sindh

    It was once said that not a leaf could fall in Karachi without the MQM knowing about it. And today MQM is unheard of in the unexpected election results 2018. The bitter truth is that MQM stood split today! And with the entrance of three popular leaders, Bilawal Bhutto, Imran Khan and Shahbaz Sharif in Karachi’s constituency, MQM’s crumbling status lost all ground of standing tall!

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