Excitingly Unexpected Twists and Turns of Elections 2018


    Shahbaz Sharif won NA 132 and loses NA 192

    Shahbaz Sharif, the self-crowned leader of Lahore, has his confidence shattered by a 50% success rate. He was contesting from two seats in the election 2018 and was only able to score a win from NA 132, which belongs to Lahore.


    Rana Sanaullah’s controversial win

    Rana Sanaullah, a powerful member of PML-N was contesting from NA-106 against PTI representative Nisar Ahmed Jutt. Unofficial reports announced Rana Sanaullah’s count of votes less in number, compared to opposite party’s count. But Pakistan woke up to the news of an unexpected U-Turn in the results and eventually, final count proclaimed Rana Sanaullah as the winner. The nation cannot stop wondering, the reason behind this u-turn?

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