Excitingly Unexpected Twists and Turns of Elections 2018


    Imran Khan wins all 5 seats!

    IMRAN KHAN has emerged out as the true winner of this election as he emerges a winner from all 5 constituencies he was contesting from!

    CityConstituencyWinner Loser
    LahoreNA 131Imran KhanKhawaja Saad Rafique (PML-N)
    KarachiNA 53Imran KhanShahid Khaqan Abbasi (PML-N)
    IslamabadNA 243Imran KhanSyed Ali Raza (MQM-P)
    MianwaliNA 95Imran KhanUbaidullah Khan (PML-N)
    BannuNA 35Imran KhanAkram Khan Durrani (MMA)

    These elections have surely given a lot of unexpected wins and loses! PTI has come out as the leading party making Imran Khan the leader of NAYA PAKISTAN! Lets hope that the vision of Imran Khan portrayed in his victorious speech is also seen in his actions!

    Here is all to the exciting, suspenseful, nail-biting unexpected election results 2018! And welcome to “Naya Pakistan”


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