It is about Time Slice Juice Tries a Different Less Female Objectifying Campaign


    Finally, people are getting aware and speaking up against it.

    With an awareness of women rights, there has been campaigns against women objectification now. Finally, people are realizing how wrong it is. a campaign is being run on twitter against women objectification in advertisements.

    People are now pointing out and asking to take notice.

    Not only advertisements but people are noticing it in shows as well.

    Women not objects campaign is raising voice.

    A campaign has been run with the tagline “I am #WomenNotObjects”. They collected all the ads by big brands in which women are objectified and are raising their voice against it.

    High time, Slice juice should come up with a new concept for marketing.

    In the century, where women are proving their worth by being equal to men, this needs to be changed. Women are not an object to promote your brand or get attention. Slice needs to come up with a new concept and idea for promotion. Even Katrina Kaif, being the strong independent woman she is, should refuse to do such promotions.



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