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  • Chai lovers

    Ten Things That are True For All Chai Lovers

    We cannot neglect the importance of chai in our lives! Asians tend to have more chai and less blood in their bodies. Tea is the solution to every problem, a constant staple and the best partner to pair all the snacks with. Therefore, chai lovers take their tea very seriously! Tea is an addiction which […] More

  • fruit chat recipes

    Five things You should NEVER put in Your Fruit Chat

    In Ramadan, The only food which remains constant with all other varieties is, Fruit Chaat. No Iftaar is complete is without a yummy bowl of Fruit chat. People use different fruit chat recipes to tantalize their taste buds. Not to mention, it is a boost of instant energy after such a long gap of fasting. But, […] More

  • best iftaar and sehri deals

    Best Iftaar and Sehri deals this Ramadan

    As the holy month of Ramadan is here, so are the restaurants all around prepared for it. every Ramadan, they bring you the legendary sehri and iftaar deals and this time it is no different. So, here are we presenting you the best iftaar and sehri deals this Ramadan. Supper House Situated in P block, Gulberg2 […] More

  • Beat the heat

    Beat the Heat, this Ramazan!

    For the last couple of years, Ramazan has fallen in a weather that is marked by burning heat and blazing sun. Along with this blazing heat, the duration of fast has increased significantly, making the fast 15-16 hours long, here in Pakistan. In order to beat the heat during the fast, one needs to be […] More

  • Healthy Diet for Stress

    Healthy Diet Inclusions that will make your Stress go away!

    When we encounter something stressful, our nervous system and adrenal glands send signals to the rest of the body. This helps us think more clearly and prepare our body for a physical response- should it be required. This article helps in figuring out a healthy diet for stress relief. However,in modern life, we can become […] More

  • burger hub food review

    Burger Hub Vogue Towers – Food Review

    We had heard so much about Burger Hub and all good things too! That is the thing about being a foodie though. You never rely on others telling you that the food is good, you HAVE to go there and check it out yourself. So we were told that this small place in the basement […] More

  • Karachi kanteen

    Karachi Kanteen PIA Road – Food Review

    I had heard a lot about Karachi Kanteen so planned to take a tour and see what it was all about. The restaurant arrived in the Lahore food scene with a bang. Karachi Kanteen brought a name from the other side of the country and opened two branches at once in Lahore. All that and […] More

  • X2 Cafe Lahore

    X2 Cafe Lahore – Food Review

    There are not many restaurants in the city that have an overall great customer response than X2 Cafe Lahore. They have now opened up a new branch in DHA as well and are growing their business. We decided to visit the old branch in Gulberg III and here is everything that happened: We went there […] More

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