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  • Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

    Ranbir Kapoor Opens Up about His Relationship with Alia Bhatt

    Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have always been the opposites when it came to relationships. Ranbir, apart from his work, has always been in news due to his personal life. His relationship with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif were really highlighted and later the breakups too. Despite all this, he has always been open about his […] More

  • Asma Hamid

    Asma Hamid, Breaking the Judiciary Glass Ceiling

    Females are acing in every field today. From sports to corporate world, women are making their presence notable. Likewise they are excelling by scoring top positions. Asma Hamid, a lawyer by profession has just been announced the new ‘Advocate General of Punjab’. And we all are so proud of her! It’s indeed a historical moment […] More

  • water shortage in Pakistan

    There is an Imminent Water Shortage in Pakistan & Here are Some Precautions

    At present, Pakistan is still climbing the ladder to success while juggling between crises. Energy, financial and now, an imminent water crisis too. As water is the most eminent foundation of the state, its shortage would bring a great loss. Water shortage in Pakistan would mean no food and no life in the country. That sounds daunting, doesn’t it? The […] More

  • Load shedding in ramzan

    Maryam Nawaz Hasn’t Changed Her Lying Habits Even In Ramzan

    Maryam Nawaz, the self proclaimed princess of Pakistan and Duchess of Sheikhupura. Ever since she started her political journey, Maryam Nawaz has been very active on social media. Mainly, Twitter is her favorite forum to express her precious thoughts.  She shares her opinions about politics and bashes the opposition (Imran Khan). Also, she keeps us […] More

  • US ICE

    ICE has Actually LOST 1500 Children and the Whole World is Furious

    If you don’t know ICE is Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Trump administration is full of conflicts. His policies, theories and plan of action have been the center of criticism since the day he took over! Infact, Trump is on the top when talked about open display of criticism and disrespect. But the recent controversy related […] More

  • ban on Indian movies

    There is a Ban on Indian Movies During the Coming Eid Holidays

    Where Eid ul Fitr brings a festive atmosphere all around, movies and their entertainment values should not be forgotten. Pakistani Cinema has just started to get better but we still cannot deny how much Pakistanis watch Bollywood. There is although a temporary ban on Indian movies during Eid holidays. According to a notification issued by the […] More

  • iifa 2018

    Everything You Need To Know About IIFA 2018

    The International Indian Film Academy Awards are the biggest set of awards in Bollywood. First ever IIFA awards took place in 2000. Since then, it takes places in different countries around the world. It honors the artistic and technical professionals of Bollywood. Although it started with a one-night event, now it has flourished into a […] More

  • sexual harassment at bahria college

    80 Students Face Sexual Harassment at Bahria College During their Biology Practical

    80 girls were harassed during biology practical at Bahira College Islamabad. Recently, we have been hearing some disturbing harassment incidents taking place at our educational institutes. These stories are not only leaving us disgusted but also forcing us to worry about the future of our own children. 80 young girls experienced sexual harassment at Bahria […] More

  • amir khan
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    Boxer Amir Khan has been Accused of Cheating, AGAIN!

    Amir Khan allegedly had a one-night stand with the beautician, Sophia Hammani, just after 17 days of the birth of his second daughter. The boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom always find a way to be in news somehow. The personal drama, which is always public, is nothing less than a star plus […] More

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