The Trailer of Veere Di Wedding had us Counting ‘Gaaliyan’ and here is Everything Exciting about It

So the trailer of Veere Di Wedding was released on April 25 and it has so many ‘gaaliyan’!

The girl friendship between Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bashkar is bound to be a super hit. The trailer of Veere Di Wedding was very well received and it has a whopping 14M views on YouTube.

The movie seems to be a definite chick flick even though the producers have claimed otherwise. The movie actors have been very upfront about their jokes and using the ‘F’ word. The trailer of the movie starts with Sonam Kapoor complaining about how she slept with a high school goer. So you can expect open and casual sex talk in the movie.

The movie is about the friendship between three girls and their lives around sex, marriage and relationships.

The movie promotes independent women and questions why everything in a woman’s life has to be about marriage. This is set to raise a different standard in the industry as their is hardly any talk about such societal concepts.

Kareena Kapoor and Sumeet Vyas is fresh and looks promising.

The trailer shows a fresh pair between Kareena Kapoor Khan and Summet Vyas. Although Sumeet is a known face from some hit web series. He will gave to do a lot to match Kareena’s energy and vibe. We are looking forward to seeing them together, especially because it has been a long time since Kareena was in action.

The cussing and swearing in the trailer is sometimes a character need. While other times it feels like it is excessive and unnecessary.

Kareena, Sonam and Swara are set to make this movie a thrilling success as all are amazing actresses. We are sure that the basic demographic that this movie targets is female. Why else would there be three iconic female characters that do not give a damn about society and its opinions?

This will be a nice change as Bollywood movies need strong female characters more often than not. The cussing may also be just a different way to emphasize same standards for both sexes. When a guy is abusing no one bats an eye but when a girl does so, everybody raises their eyebrows.

“Beta, tum shadi kyun nahi kar leti ab?”

Raise a hand if some random aunty has asked you this question in a family gathering. This question has been a part and parcel of the life of every desi girl. The societal pressure to get married ASAP is much more than the will to get married. This is the question this movie is going to answer.

We have waited too long for Bollywood to take on societal issues and the expectations from this are high. We hope that the movie is as good as the trailer of Veere Di Wedding.

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