5 Times Kumail Nanjiani Made All Pakistanis Proud

Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani-American stand up comedian, actor and writer. He was born and raised in Karachi and later moved to USA.

He is one of the most successful stand-up comedians of this present era, and we are not exaggerating. However, if you do not know Kumail Nanjiani and why he is making Pakistanis proud, you need to read this till the end. He is one of the very few people portraying the light, good and humorous side of Pakistan in Hollywood.

Here are the top 5 times he outdid himself and made us all proud:

1. His Movie “The Big Sick” was Nominated for the Oscars

Yes, Kumail Nanjiani made his own movie called “The Big Sick”. It was written by him and his wife Emily V. Gordon (“OMG GORI BIWI HAW HAYE” brigade please stop reading here). The movie was nominated for various awards including the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. Although he did not win the Academy Award, The Big Sick was one of the most grossing independent movie of the year.

Kumail Najiani The Big Sick

Kumail and Emily got married in the most unusual of circumstances. The movie is based on their own lives, a Pakistani Uber driver and an American girl. The movie got a lot of critical acclaim and Kumail is a step ahead of all brown people in America combined.

2. He hosted Saturday Night Live

Anyone who is aware of US television programs, knows about SNL. Hosting a monologue on that show is a big deal and Kumail Nanjiani has been there, done that. He also starred in various SNL sketches similar to people like Ryan Gosling and Gal Gadot.

Kumail’s SNL monologue was one of the best one from the show in a really long time. He is the only Pakistani and the second brown actor (first being Aziz Ansari) to have done this. GO KUMAIL!

3. He loves to talk about Pakistan

He owns and loves his Pakistani roots and does not forget to remind people where he’s from. On various interviews he has talked about Pakistan, his life there, the culture and the overall good our country has. His interview with Chelsea is hilarious and he also manages to easily convince people how amazing his homeland truly is.

4. He was a main cast member in ‘Silicon Valley’

Kumail has well and truly ‘made it’ in Hollywood cinema and television. He got his big break when he played Dinesh Chughtai, an Indian IT geek, in the brilliant comedy series Silicon Valley. The show has been an amazing hit and is on to it’s fifth season! Kumail has been part of this show since 2014.

via HBO

5. He calls out Trump and White Supremacists, all day everyday

 Kumail is not your average, famous ‘gora’ boot licker comedian. He is genuinely funny but also genuinely honest. He calls out white supremacists and openly criticizes US President Donald Trump.


Kumail has a massive Twitter following and he uses that platform to say what is really on his mind. We have never been more proud!



We love Kumail Nanjiani for his wit and hope to see many great things from him.

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