Burger Hub Vogue Towers – Food Review

We had heard so much about Burger Hub and all good things too!

That is the thing about being a foodie though. You never rely on others telling you that the food is good, you HAVE to go there and check it out yourself. So we were told that this small place in the basement of Vogue Towers is THE BOMB. We decided Burger Hub is our next place to go.

The ambiance was really underwhelming, the tables were all full though.

It is a rather small eatery but they have managed to attract so much attention from burger lovers all around.

We ordered their signature “Blue Dragon” and “Americano” burger that are both in beef.

I don’t even know where to start about the Blue Dragon so let’s just look at this picture and drool for a second.

Burger Hub
The Blu Dragon

Three grilled beef patties, loads of cheese and signature sauce, onion rings. The ‘blue’ dragon lived up to its name.

The mustard-mayo sauce with the food color is why they call it ‘blue dragon’. The burger was HUGE! Burger Hub made us open our mouths wide just to take that first bite off of it. The taste was well balanced although the beef was slightly dry and overcooked. The onion rings were really crispy and gave a wonderful crunch to the burger.

Although the burger was good, the fries were average. There is definitely room for improvement in the condiments as the potato salad was just bad.

Let’s talk about the Americano at Burger Hub now.

Burger Hub

This looks underwhelming after you’ve seen the Blue Dragon but do not mistake it so. The double beef patty burger with cheese and lettuce is pretty big for a small person like me.

The beef, as you can see in the picture, was slightly overdone for my liking in this one too. The umami though, was on point! Burger Hub uses BBQ sauce for this one which was too overpowering and strong. The coleslaw with the Americano is a much better choice than the potato salad.

We finished off our plates and were so full we couldn’t even move.

Burger Hub is right to be so hyped up as they deliver as advertised. The burgers are heavy, but not on your pockets.

Taste: 8/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Pricing: 7/10


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