‘Puzzle’ Movie Trailer Shows Irrfan Khan as a Rich and Eccentric Puzzle Solver

“When you complete a puzzle, you know that you have made all the right choices.”

Irrfan Khan is not a new face in Hollywood as he has acted in hit and famous films before; Life of Pi is exhibit A. Recently Irrfan Khan’s Puzzle movie’s trailer hit the internet. The movie trailer seems very promising and we have high expectations.

The movie is about a puzzle solving competition, a wife’s mid-life crisis and an eccentric rich man.

Irrfan Khan has played the part of a rich business man who loves to solve puzzles. He is looking for a puzzle solving partner which he can take to a competition. He then comes across a middle aged wife and mother Agnes. The jigsaw puzzles set many things straight in their lives and the finished picture makes them fall in love.

The movie promises extra marital romance, interesting dialogue and amazing acting performances.

Irrfan’s counterpart, Agnes, is played by Kally MacDonald has also played the protagonist in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. She plays the life of a mundane house-wife who has a boring and monotonous lifestyle. Her husband isn’t the most understanding and loving personality and she is a devout Christian.

Irrfan Khan’s Puzzle will not disappoint and all his fans are eager to see his onscreen presence.

The actor has given back to back hits in the form of Hindi Medium and Blackmail in Bollywood. Puzzle will also be a wonderful movie as we have hardly ever seen Irrfan disappoint his fans.

The recent news about his rare disease and declining health had shook all his fans to the core. We were also hit with the fake rumor of him having last stage cancer but fortunately that was denied. PopCorn has the full story here.

After the sad news about his declining health, Irrfan Khan’s movie will give all his fans a new hope.

His onscreen presence will definitely be amazing for all his fans and we cannot wait to see him in action again.

The movie is set to release on the 13th of July, 2018 and you can watch the full trailer here:


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