Forman Christian College Lahore Fires CS Department Head on Sexual Harassment Allegations

FCCU is one of the oldest and well-known educational institutions of Lahore. Forman Christian College Lahore fires CS Department Head on sexual harassment allegations and we think it is a courageous step.

Mr. Atif Alvi is a well known figure on campus as he was Head of the CS Department.

While the sexual harassment allegations have been confirmed from various social media posts and word of mouth, the official position remains that he resigned. The resignation came under suspicious circumstances and right in the middle of the semester too. Dr. Alvi has said he has resigned over ‘personal issues’. While we might be inclined to believe that Dr. Alvi is right about this, his track record and mysterious timing of resignation says otherwise.

The rumors had been circling about his sudden departure ever since the end of last week. The allegations against him were severe and I have personally found Forman Christian College to be highly proactive about sexual harassment cases.

The Dean of Students, Ms Cheryl Burke has not made any comment on this matter.

The official statement from the Department of Computer Science also said that he had resigned due to personal reasons. They also made a list of all the great things he had done for the W ranked school of CS.

forman christian college lahore fires cs department head

A source also says that Mr. Atif Alvi has not taken the resignation (read firing) well. He has been reported to say that he was fired because he is a good looking man and that they are jealous of him.

The university was quick to remove his face from the website as well.

Harassment isn’t something casual and always needs to be taken this seriously. Especially when a person abuses his power to get unsolicited sexual favors from his students. However, the overall air about this case has not been surprising. His predatory nature was notorious among women already. There were always corridor whispers about the uncomfortable comments he made to some of the students. It was only a matter of time when this got reported to the authorities.

No matter how great he was for the CS Department, if the allegations against him are true FCCU did a great thing.

We cannot allow this to happen in universities because claiming public spaces is what anti-harassment is all about. As much as Dr. Atif Alvi might be an amazing teacher for some and an overall great influence for the CS Department it does not matter. Under the light of sexual harassment allegations, his departure is the right thing for all.

Forman Christian College Lahore fires CS Department Head who had done amazing things for the university. This shows that they did the right thing and are not afraid of what comes next. Kudos!

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