Female Careem Taxi Driver Killed by Husband in Peshawar

The story of the first female Careem driver in Peshawar is both shocking and horrendous.

Nabila Kanwal was  killed by her own husband in her own home. She was one of the first of very few female Careem taxi driver in Peshawar. Driving was a way for her to earn respectable money to pay her dues but her husband did not like that. He confessed to kill her because he wanted control of the house.

Nabila’s husband told the police that he had killed his wife over some personal household issues.

Female Careem Taxi Driver

She was only trying to help his husband in day to day life and household expenses. The man brutally ended her life over some petty argument that could have very easily been settled.

Cases like these only point to the fact that majority of our country’s men think that they have some kind of divine power over their women. This guy, has taken a life, the life of his own wife and yet he does not repent. He has been arrested however there is not even an ounce of regret in his voice because he thinks what he did was right.

The murder happened in female Careem taxi driver Nabila’s house in Ijazabad.

The murder case was filed against Nabila’s husband by her sister who came from Islamabad for the funeral. The police took quick action on the case and arrested her husband Abdul Basit on Monday.

The police initially thought that this was a case of a robbery gone wrong but upon investigation they found out the truth. Nabila’s husband was just a petty, small man and he will be brought in front of the court.

Nabila is just one of the many victims of household abuse. Instead of blaming the victim in such cases we need to think at a grass root level.

We can only hope that the court makes Nabila’s murderer pay for his sins.


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