7 Signs That Show you Are in a Happy and Successful Relationship

Ladies do not rush into this decision, wait, weigh him out, look for signs and then decide.

NOT EVERY GUY THAT SHOWS HE IS INTERESTED IN YOU DESERVES THAT YOU SHOW INTEREST IN HIM. This needs to be the life motto of all girls who are dying to just fall in love and get married. Successful relationship takes time to build up and not everyone finds their soul mate.

Love does not need to be as complex as movies ought to make it. Falling in love can be very simple but you also need to be very cautious with it.

Here are a few signs to look for in your guy, that prove that you will lead a successful relationship:

 1. He makes efforts to show he cares

Whether it is a rose or chocolates, whether it was that one time he surprised you on your birthday, or got you your favorite book. All the little efforts he makes show that he care. He remembers all the important dates and gives you back massages when you’re tired. Sounds minute but makes the most difference.

successful relationships

2. All his friends know about you

You are not some top secret part of his life that no one know about. He has given you an important position in his life and all his friends know about you.

successful relationships

3. It isn’t all about sex

This is probably the most important one of them all. Spending time with you should have nonsexual things included as well. If it is all about sex, that is pretty much all he wants from you. Sometimes just going out for a walk or a drive and staying in for a movie should be great too!

4. You fight you break up, you kiss you make up

Your relationship has seen too many ups and downs but it is still going strong. You fight on the most random of things but also make up real soon. Your love only grows stronger and stronger by the day. The best way to judge the longevity of your successful relationship is to see how it is in the darkest of times.

5. He wants you to meet his family

Your guy wants you to meet his mother, his father, his siblings, his neighbor, his aunt that lives on the other continent and his dog. He is not afraid of taking the next step and will be ready for any big moves that come your way.

6. You are each other’s best friend

So you are the kind of couple that finishes each other’s sentences. You know his favorite color and he knows which aunt you hate the most. Nothing between you guys is a secret. Moreover, sometimes you don’t even have to say anything and he knows.

7. He doesn’t stare other women

Your man is not the creepy guy who check out other girls in your presence. The guy probably doesn’t even spare them a glance because he is too busy staring at you!

successful relationships

Do you have any other signs for successful relationships? Let us know in the comments.

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