Sham and Froggy Just Shut Down Ducky Bhai and he has Responded Again!

So we all know the video Ducky Bhai made to troll Sham and Froggy three days ago.

The video has been trending number 1 on Pakistani YouTube ever since. Ducky Bhai made a twenty minute no holds barred troll video against Sham and Froggy. His jokes are never family material and they weren’t even now. The video was full of profanity and below the belt material. Ducky Bhai consistently called Sham fake and insinuated hate against the
Canadian-Pakistani YouTubers.

Sham and Froggy didn’t take this lightly and have responded to Ducky Bhai’s video.

They both uploaded separate responses to Ducky on their YouTube channels but pretty much said the same things. Froggy was first to upload a 17 minute long video where she revealed the real face of Ducky Bhai.

Their response videos focused solely on how Ducky Bhai makes low life jokes. They criticized his abusing ways and how many ads he runs on his videos.

Froggy explained to the fullest what she meant by “Small YouTubers” and their “small huts”. She said her tweet was solely pointed at Ducky Bhai and small isn’t the number of subscribers, it is his thought.

Sham and Froggy have pretty much killed Ducky Bhai with kindness. Their videos were much more sophisticated than that of Ducky Bhai.

While Ducky may even be right about some of the things like stolen content and banning words, his whole point seems moot now. Sham and Froggy made it quite clear that Ducky Bhai is an indecent human being by showing tweets he has deleted. Some of the jokes directed at Sham’s family make Ducky the kind of person we just cannot support.

This is a great reminder of how even when you’re right, they way you present it matters a lot. If Ducky had not used foul language Sham and Froggy would have no ground to stand on.

Sham accepted in his video that he had banned  a few words on his channel but also said that it is his right. Whoever comes to his channel needs to go by his rules. Sham and Froggy belittled Ducky Bhai’s worth and showed everyone how all he cares about is views.

While the whole drama has been pure gossip material it needs to stop now. Sham and Froggy have said they will not reciprocate it any further even if Ducky replies. However, we need to see that they are all in turn Pakistanis and destroying each other on YouTube isn’t what they should be doing. Pakistani content creators need to build each other up, support the efforts the other person makes instead of putting each other down.

We hoped thatwill  this will end now and Sham, Froggy and Ducky put all this to rest. That has not happened as Ducky responded yet again.

Ducky Bhai posted another video with a response to Froggy claiming that she hasn’t learned anything. The back to back allegations and rebuttals from these YouTubers seem a drag now. Ducky explains his side of the story yet again and rebuts all accusations Sham and Froggy made against him.

He claims they only showed half the truth and he’s here to show the rest. He rebuts everything one at a time and this whole story is just a roller coaster!

Whose side are you on? Tell us in the comments! 

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