Five Things that Make Nawaz Sharif and Frank Underwood the Same Person

Whenever we hear the word “politician”, image of a dishonest, corrupt and sinister person comes to mind. Whether they are from the west or east, real or fictitious, they are the same in their scheming and plotting, and their blame game. We think Nawaz Sharif and Frank Underwood are the same person and here’s why.

Our very own, very recently disqualified Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, is the true picture of corruption and dishonesty. His loyal followers and party members, who have given him the title of “Quaid for life”. And then there’s one fictional politician who is not only corrupt and dishonest, he is vicious and evil. And that is none other than, Frank Underwood, from House of Cards. Although, Nawaz Sharif, the nihari-eating family man looks like an innocent child in comparison to Frank Underwood, who seems to be the real devil in disguise, they both have some similarities too.

Here are five similarities between the two politicians:

1. Their wives are their support system

Claire Underwood has always been there for Frank, no matter the hurdle. Sometimes she also had to suppress her emotions for her husband’s career and success. Kulsoom Nawaz became the leader of PML-N in absence of her husband, to show her support.

2. Their love for food

We have seen Frank Underwood devouring ribs at his favourite spot, Freddy’s BBQ, throughout the series. And we are more than aware of the love Nawaz Sharif has for food. Rumour has it, he, once, made the pilot take a u turn because someone forgot to bring nihari on-board.

3. They both have loyal staff and party members

Frank Underwood has been blessed to have Doug Stamper as his right-hand man. He is loyal to the extent that he covers his tracks even when Frank has committed murders. Similarly, Nawaz is surrounded by loyal party members who support him no matter what.

4. They both are murder suspects

Frank Underwood became the murder suspect when Hammerschmidt starts investigating the murder of Zoe Barnes (we know how you did it, Frank) and Frank did what he knows best, he threw Doug under the bus. Nawaz has been named one of the suspect in the killing of the 14 demonstrators in Lahore.

5. Their careers ended on a bad note

Frank Underwood had to resign when he faced allegations of corruption and dishonesty. And Nawaz was disqualified for by the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case.

So now we know that whether they are real or fictional, politicians are all the same.

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