Race 3 Trailer Has Been Launched And Here’s What We Think About It

The wait is over for Salman Khan (Bhai) fans! Race 3 trailer has been launched. This is the third film of the franchise, directed by Remo D’Souza (yes, the choreographer!). Other than Salman Khan, the film stars Jacquline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem and Freddie Daruwala. Surprise, surprise! Bobby Deol returns!

The makers of the film created a lot of hype before the trailer launch. They released posters of every character separately. Also, Salman Khan teased his fans on Twitter.

The trailer was launched yesterday evening. The entire cast attended the event.

Race 3 team.. Yesterday for the trailer launch..!

Posted by Jacqueline SriLanka on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Let’s take a look at the much-awaited trailer.

Salman Khan is, once again, going to make our Eid more special with his film.

The trailer begins with Salman Bhai a.k.a Sikander standing on the edge of a helipad. We can hear him in the background delivering a very heavy dialogue. Then, every vehicle you can imagine is seen chasing someone (which reminds us of a particular film). Most probably, they’re coming for Bhai on the helipad. And then, Salman Bhai jumps!


After that, Salman Khan is seen kicking some serious ass. Bullets are flying left, right and centre. Bhai is in his element and you better watch out.


We can hear him saying the golden words in the voice-over about his “pariwar” Then, the whole “pariwar” makes an entry with a variety of tanks behind him. Interesting!

Anil Kapoor gets off a helicopter. He is looking like a badass gangster who is getting “angry, very angry”.


After that, we can see Jacquline showing some dance and action moves. She and Salman Bhai are trying their hands at a bit of comedy as well.


Daisy Shah is seen in full commando mode. Look at her sliting that dress with a knife. Then she thrashes a guy like a rag doll.


Dialogue of the century, “Our business is our business. None of your business.”



After the ladies, it’s Saqib Saleem’s turn. He graces us with his shirtless body surrounded by bikini-clad ‘goris’. Obviously! He gives us some serious Fast and Furious vibes with his action moves. And what is this? He’s sick of this “Sikku”. I mean, already?


The highlight of the Race 3 trailer is the comeback of Bobby Deol.


From then on, Salman Bhai is in serious trouble. We can expect some family drama. The family doesn’t meet eye to eye with him. But they shouldn’t be underestimating him. Because Bhai always wins.


Rest of the Race 3 trailer is a mixture of everything.

It has action, drama, thrill, romance, dance and loads of cheesy dialogues. It’s a pure Bollywood ‘masala’ film.

There’s some action involving heavy bikes.

While he’s doing these stunts at 50, it’s a hell of a task for us to get out of the bed in the morning.


Some serious catfight, or whatever this is. That must have taken a lot of practice.


Some more action with cars and bullets in the middle of Abu Dhabi desert.


Not only action, there’s some dancing as well. Like the previous films, the music is expected to top the charts this time too.


Our favourite part of the trailer is Salman Khan flying. It has inspired a lot of memes and jokes. Already!

The film is releasing on 15th June. There has been a lot of anticipation regarding this film. No matter what, Salman Khan films always do good business. Let’s wait and see if Salman Khan’s magic works or not.

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