These Funny Tweets And Memes About Ramzan Will Make Your Fast A Little Easier

Our favourite holy month of Ramzan is here. While we are excitedly preparing for suhoor and iftar, this scorching heat is already making us dread long hours of fasting. Since our (only) coping mechanism for every hardship in life is looking at memes, we decided to make a list of funny Ramzan tweets and memes for you. You know, to make your fast a little bit easier. However, before we start, just want to say that its all just for fun. So please don’t become Burka Avenger and start using Takhti Kabbadi on us.

Here’s a list of funny Ramzan tweets and memes.

1. This is going to be all of us every sehri.

2. We all know somebody how turns into Haji Sahab in Ramzan.

3. It hurts, bro. It really hurts!

4. Keep it halal, mate.

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5. Rooh Afza: the national drink in Ramzan.

Funny Ramzan Tweets
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6. Food is the only true love.

7. Is it even Iftar if you don’t eat fried things?

8. Since Ramzan is here, it’s the perfect time to get rid of unwanted trash.

9. It’s all in the open now, nowhere to hide your harami self.

10. When you’re fasting but can’t stay away.

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11. You’ll be daydreaming about food the entire month.

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12. The struggle is very real.

13. All year round we eat junk and expect to lose weight in Ramzan. Who are we kidding?

14. While you’re trying to be a good Muslim, your mom will be like.

Funny Ramzan Tweets

15. While you all were stocking up for food, some genius went ahead and did this.

16. Although it’s not easy, overseas Muslims gotta hold it together.

17. We all be sprinting for the pakoras.

18. And ready to have a wrestling match with our siblings for that last samosa.

Funny Ramzan Tweets

19. Bring them to the right path. Even if you have to get your ass kicked.

20. Let’s not forget the anthem of Ramzan. Now that you’ve seen it, it’s going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the month.

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