Anand Ahuja is Breaking Stereotypes Left Right and Center

Anand Ahuja broke some much-needed stereotypes and gave us couple goals.

Since their grand star-studded wedding, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have been in the spotlight. We saw the couple completely in love at the wedding. The wedding itself was one big party. The couple looked so happy at every event of their wedding. Although the wedding is over, they continue to be the ultimate couple goals.

After he broke some stereotypes that every new generation girl is sick of, Anand Ahuja just became every girl’s dream husband.

He wore sneakers under his Sherwani on his wedding.

Instead of worrying about “Log Kia kahein Gaye”, Anand Ahuja gave preference to comfort.

He came to his wedding wearing sneakers under sherwani. He was trolled about it but Sonam came to defense and said he wanted to wear something comfortable. I mean, why not?

Indeed, it was a long night with all the celebrities with such high energies and something comfortable was important.

Right after the wedding, we saw Sonam at Cannes and Anand seemed to be her biggest fan.

Although Sonam attended Cannes film festival, right after her wedding. Anand was seen supporting Sonam, immensely. He was seen appreciating her looks and telling her how proud he was of her, on his Instagram.

Sonam changed her name after her wedding, but so did Anand.

While everyone noticed when Sonam changed her name on Instagram after her wedding. Though it seems like no one had even thought to give a glimpse that Anand had done the same.

Sonam changed her name to “Sonam K Ahuja” on Instagram. Similarly, Anand changed his to “Anand S Ahuja”.

Isn’t this just amazing?!

Anand surprised Harshvandhan Kapoor with his favourite shoes as a gift.

On the wedding of Sonam and Anand, Harshvandhan, Sonam’s brother, was surprised with a gift box laying in his room. Groom gifted him his favourite pair of shoes.

Usually, it’s the opposite as the groom is the one loaded with “surprise gifts”.

Anand Ahuja is definitely breaking stereotypes and bringing out a pleasant change. All the guys should learn from him and all the girls, keep looking for your Anand Ahuja.


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