Lahore’s top 5 food points

Lahore is known for its great and tantalizing foods worldwide. Likewise, People of Lahore are also fans and caterers of great food. As Ramadan is here, we have tracked down Lahore’s top five food points for you to try.

The Urban Café Yogilicious: Not because it is my personal favorite. The food there has optimum taste. The ambience is relaxed and a solace for book lovers. situated in Gulberg3, its specialties include its mouth watering desserts and amazing continental dishes which makes it among Lahore’s top five food points.


Arcadian Café: Lo and behold people, because if the price tags are high here then the food is also promising to be mind blowing. This café has set up a trend of fine dining in Lahore and so far they are doing good. This Ramadan try Grilled chicken in Mediterranean basil sauce from their iftaar menu to satisfy all your cravings.

Chaaye khaana : For the love of “chaaye”. As we all are tea lovers, nothings beats the craving for tea as this place does. The place has variety of teas and pretty much speacilizes in it. so, rush to Chaaye khaana for that aromatic cup of tea after Iftaar.


Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant: Keeping the friendship of Pak-China alive, the restaurant serves delicious Chinese and thai food. Although it is not purely Chinese as it has a touch of Pakistani spices. But, it still counts as the nearest to Chinese. Thai food is also a specialty and above all, the taste is great which is enough to satisfy Lahoris.

Cuckoo’s den : Situated opposite Baadshahi Masjid Lahore, the place serves the tastiest of desi foods! this is where you get the real spice and flavor of our very own Pakistani foods. The food is rich in taste and the ambience is of the Long-gone Mughal era. Therefore, Head to the Cuckoo’s den for a great experience altogether.


Your experiences with these places might be different from mine, but hey,

It is still heavenly to see a plate of yummy food after that long long fast and that is what we all want!


Written by Fatima Sajjad

A journalist in the making. Meanwhile exploring the world with the power of "Words".

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