Male Model Starts Trend #WeToo by Speaking of His Sexual Harassment Experience

After #MeToo movement, #WeToo just arrived in Pakistan. Rai Mujahid raised his voice against sexual harassment of male models in the industry.

A struggling model, Rai Mujahid, took to his Instagram and raised his voice against sexual harassment faced by males in the fashion industry. He posted screenshots of a conversation between him and a renowned photographer.

Rai Mujahid
source: Instagram @raimujahid1

This is a bold step by the model in a society where there is no concept of male sexual harassment.

Rai Mujahid says he is not the only one facing sexual harassment in the industry.

The model said that since he started his struggle, he has been facing inappropriate demands from male gatekeepers. Although he is confident that he is not alone to face it.

He says that sadly everyone knows that this is the reality of the industry but no one speaks about it.

source: Instagram @raimujahid1

While he also said that he is sure that there must be many people who would fulfil these demands to get work. Mujahid has been waiting for someone to raise voice and tell the world that #wetoo face sexual harassment. No one has ever spoken about it except recent tweets by Meesha Shafi.

The photographer had demanded inappropriate relations from the model in past as well which the model refused. Now, the photographer asked him again if after struggling for 7-8 years, he was ready to fulfill his demands.

Mujahid said that male models do not face harassment by one particular designation. From content head to director and designer to photographer to promoters. Each one of them have such demands.

The model believes he is a hardworking and talented person and would never take such shortcuts to make a place in the industry.

He said there are no proper platforms for the talented newcomers to enter the Industry. If there are any, they are handled by such harassers.

Model, later in another post, said that these screenshots were of a one a content head and a designer from a major production house in Karachi. Although, he is not ready to disclose the names yet.

After his post, fellow models and actors came out and showed their support.

Rai Mujahid
Source: Instagram

Rehmat Ajmal commented on his post and requested hom to disclose their name and shame them who are misrepresenting the industry and harassing him.

source: Twitter

Meesha Shafi posted a tweet showing her support for Mujahid.

Eman Sulaiman showed her support through her instastory and posted about the matter.

This was indeed a brave move by the model and we hope it is a start to a pleasant change in the industry for the newcomers.

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