Muniba Mazari Rises Above all Expectations and that too On Her Feet!

Muniba Mazari is a name of strength in the feminine community of Pakistan. Knowing her story, you would want to salute this Iron Lady of Pakistan! She is an example of strength and an inspiration for the whole mankind. And she deserves all this respect without doubt.

Today after 10 years of being wheel chair bound, Muniba is standing tall!

Muniba was at the Gaylord Specialty Healthcare when this near-to-a-miracle happened. Although she has never felt wheel chair bound, she does not look that way now too. Rewalk Robotics built these prosthetic crutches for her that helped her stand and walk on her feet after 10 years.

Muniba was all smiles and so were we. Although she had her family and siblings to support her at this time, she has not had it easy. She is an inspiration for us all and the whole world looks up to her conviction.

Personal Life and Family Background

Muniba Mazari belongs to a Baloch family of Pakistan. As per tradition, her father arranged for her marriage when it seemed appropriate to him. With little to no say in here life decisions Muniba was a victim to society. As a result, Muniba was married off at an early age of 18.

Life changing Event

Three years into her marriage, she met a tragic accident which changed her life forever. As a result of this accident, Muniba was paralyzed for life. Wheelchair was her companion for life now. At this hour of need, her husband left her. Furthermore, her father also abandoned her. So now, she was left all alone in the state of misery. In the end, Muniba was stuck in the hospital bed for 2 whole years, all alone, without any support of family.

Muniba Mazari stood up for Herself

Mazari has been reported to have said:

“…that day I decided that I’m going to live life for myself. I am not going to be that perfect person for someone. I am just going to take this moment and I will make it perfect for myself, that I’m going to fight my fears.”

Muniba Mazari, took this paralysis as a challenge and stood up. She regained her self confidence and rose from her devastated state of mind. With her 2 year old adopted son, she was ready to deal the not-so-perfect world.

“You know, when you end up being on the wheelchair, what’s the most painful thing. People think that they will not be accepted by the people because we in the world of perfect people are imperfects. So I decided to appear more in public.”

Current Achievements

  • She is the owner of brand name “Muniba’s Canvas”. This brand name is running with the slogan “Let Your Walls Wear Colors”. Her paintinsg are all about people, their expressions, dreams and thoughts.
  • She works as an anchor at the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).
  • Also worked with Toni and Guy and is now the brand ambassador for Toni and Guy wheelchair modeling.
  • Brand ambassador for The Body Shop and Pond’s Miracle Woman in Pakistan.
  • Named the Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women in December 2015.
  • Named one of BBC’s “100 Most Inspirational Women in 2015”.
  • She was featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30”.

Muniba Mazari is a painter, a speaker, a model and the example of strength. Her determination in overcoming her weaknesses proves that physical barriers are just an illusion of mind!

To further know her, here is the link to her Personal Website:

Have a look at her inspirational story here:

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