This Makeup Artist Turned Zodiac Signs to Makeup Looks and They’re Awesome!

A Pakistani makeup artist is creating magic. She turns zodiac signs to makeup looks.

A makeup artist based in Karachi, Yumna, started a series which she named #ExtraSunday. Initially, she started creating looks inspired by something or someone. Though the most popular episode of her series was conversion of zodiac signs to makeup looks.

She made horoscopes even more interesting for everyone.

Her main idea was to create a “desi girl” version of each zodiac sign.

She created an eastern look for each zodiac sign, starting from Aries. Instead of adding thorns and other props, she added jhumkas and dupattas to her looks.

Yumna kept her followers waiting each Sunday for her next look.

Her first look was stunning enough to capture the attention of her followers. They kept waiting for her next look each Sunday for a new zodiac sign.

Although what made it even more interesting was her descriptions of each sign’s traits.

She posted each look with a little description of personality traits of the signs. These descriptions made the series even more interesting. The whole episode was a treat for makeup lovers and zodiac sign believers alike.

Here are the looks she created for each sign:

First one was Fierce Aries

Then, introvert Taurus

Dual personality Gemini

Moody Cancer

Ms Popular, Leo

The perfection of Virgo

Then came Misunderstood Libra

Sarcastic Scorpio was next

Love me or hate me, I am a Sagittarius

Daring Capricorn

Crazy smart and least dramatic Aquarius

Incredibly thoughtful Pieces

Her looks kept everyone interested and people waited for her next post anxiously. Everyone wanted to see the makeup look for their zodiac sign.

Her ideas of showing her talent are unique.

Yumna is definitely one hell of a talented makeup artist. She comes up with really creative and innovative ideas to show her magic.

The next episode of her series is “Seasons of the Year” and we are already very excited about it.

Do let us know what you think about the look for your sign.

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