Best Iftaar and Sehri deals this Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan is here, so are the restaurants all around prepared for it. every Ramadan, they bring you the legendary sehri and iftaar deals and this time it is no different. So, here are we presenting you the best iftaar and sehri deals this Ramadan.

Supper House

Situated in P block, Gulberg2 of Lahore, the café brings you a dinner offer you cant refuse. The special Ramadan offer is for Rs.550. It serves a dinner buffet of an assortment of foods which you are bound to enjoy.

Options Coffee and more

This café presents you with a wide range of iftaar and sehar deals. There are different packages from which people can choose their favorite. The price range is from Rs 599 to Rs.850 which makes it easily affordable .


Well lets not forget our Favorite comfort food: McDonalds. They again bring a tasty treat this Ramadan. the restaurant is open from iftaar till sehar and the deals are of Rs. 475 and 575 respectively.

Arcadian Café, Café Barbera and Café Zouk

They all serve dinner buffets which are Rs. 1900 plus. Yet their food is more than delicious. So for all those who want an ambience and a great taste , head towards these cafes.


The old man Kentucky is back with a delicious crunchy treat. K.F.C brings you a big bucket of burgers, fries, samosas, and one large drink for Rs.1695. The deal is the same for iftaar and Sehar and so is the best of all deals.

Jade Cafe by Chinatown

This one brings you a surprisingly economical iftar and Sehri deal. Both buffets (for iftaar and Seher)costs Rs 895. Now that’s what we call a bargain with taste!

Chaaye Khaana

Our favorite spot for tea! presents its iftaar platter for Rs 525. (exclusive of tax). not only this, they offer a 20% off on the entire menu if you order an iftaar platter. SO, isn’t it amazing? Yes it is!

So enjoy this Ramadan, with these best iftaar and sehri deals.

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