Bahria University’s Ramadan Code is a Little TOO Precise

Universities in Pakistan have always tried and failed to maintain a proper code of conduct on campus. While a recent study has maintained that Pakistan has the worst higher education system in the world. We seem to have other proprities. Bahria University has made waves on social media for its code of conduct flyer for Ramadan.

Although it is aimed at maintaining discipline. Here’s why it became a target for ridicule and sarcasm.

The circular implied that students of the opposite sex need to keep a distance of six inches while interacting. It also orders the compliance of a strict dress code. While it says that action would be taken against the violator of the rules.

So, the question is, why is Bahria University focused on all the wrong things?

Instead of this, they could have focused on better education reforms but Bahria University seems confident over this initiative. While in 2015, a website named reported that Bahria University actually banned wearing of Shalwar kameez in its premises except Friday! So someone please suggest its management to stick to one policy rather than swinging like a pendulum.

The university may find a thousand other things they need to fix. Although they seem to be focused on minimal issues at best.

Coming back to the point, this circular has attracted fitting responses from students and social media users all over the country. The feedback is mostly sarcastic with laughter in the mix as well.

Students are tweeting about it in full force. It seems like Bahria University has taken up the lead to be meaningless and spontaneous this year. Here are some of the epic tweets that people posted.

Oh definitely overloaded!

P.S. Don’t miss the line: “faasla rakhen kahi pyar na ho jaye”

Seems like ‘garmi’ is the whole point of the discussion *iykwim*

Adding new meaning to long distance relationships!

The circular was signed by Commodore(R) Syed Hasan Mustafa, Director of Bahria University Islamabad.

Bahria University states that this circular is issued to maintain an atmosphere of discipline and peace in the premises. It also states that strict action would be taken against the violators of the rules.

We fail to understand the logic behind this circular. Youngsters must be educated, well groomed and given a certain exposure about issues like these.

While notices like these are necessary to maintain the decorum of an educational institution we believe that this is a bit too absurd. The institution has made a laughing stock of itself by giving such a precise distance.

We encourage a dress code and rules on campus as discipline is an important part of education. Although we still think that these set of rules are hilarious and very hard to implement. What are they going to do? Give security guards rulers to measure the distance? 😀

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