People’s Reaction to Load Shedding and Heat Wave in Ramzan

Pakistanis experiencing load shedding in ramzan with extreme hot weather.

This year, before Ramzan, Pakistanis were left really worried with the news of extreme hot weather. Though government made announcements of no load shedding in Ramzan but people were not convinced. Guess we all know our government too well by now.

Even Nawaz Sharif is not sure about the promise he made.

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Government’s false promises failed this year as well. People are experiencing extreme hot weather while fasting with no electricity. Specifically the conditions in Karachi are worse because of the heat stroke.

Someone thinks this is what Khawaja Asif believes about load shedding in Ramzan.

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People are talking about their frustration on twitter.

This situation is making people frustrated. Some people are taking out their frustration through sarcasm while others are extremely angry. People took out their frustration with the hashtag #MaryamLightChaliGaye on twitter.

Some people still had the energy to joke about it.

While some were seriously angry.

On the other hand, some advised Maryam Nawaz to put some sense into Nawaz Sharif. As if pffftt.

Pakistanis do have a stamina handle difficulty with humor.

load shedding
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Karachi experiences worse heat wave ever.

Though the whole country is suffering from this torture but Karachi is getting worse. As heat wave hit the city, it became even more difficult for the people to manage.

Situation in Karachi is actually alarming as 65 people died of heatstroke. The people who died were between the age of six to 78.

Hashtags #HeatWave, #KarachiNeedsTrees and #GreenKarachi are trending.

Karachi is experiencing heat wave along with load shedding and water crisis. People, on social media, started this trend of educating more and more people about the solution of this problem. The solution they came up with is plantation. People are encouraging each other to plant more and more trees to get rid of heat wave.

As weather is getting hotter and hotter, government needs to think of some sustainable solutions to the problem of load shedding. People are fasting without electricity which is making Ramzan very tough. Although it is extremely hot, dehydration can be an issue. People can beat the heat with refreshing drinks and beverages.

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