Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy awarded an honorary degree by Smith College U.S

Making Pakistan proud once again, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy received an honorary degree by the prestigious Smith College of U.S.

This degree is the recognition for her efforts in documentary journalism in advancing human rights. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy had also won the Knight International Journalism award for her reporting across the globe, in 2017.

She completed her bachelors in 2002, in Economics and Government from Smith College. The honorary degree that she holds today is in Fine Arts.

Since then, Sharmeen has been fighting for women rights. She has made documentaries that advocate for human and women rights in Pakistan. She has won two academy awards for her documentaries: Pakistan, the children of Taliban and Saving Face.

Sharmeen also visits schools in slums of Karachi to educate the girls and create awareness of their rights among them.

In April 2018, in an interview with The Newyorker , Sharmeen said that

“Anger is necessary for people to go beyond not liking what they see,I need enough people who watch my stuff to be moved, and to be angry, and to do something about it.”

We need this kind of attitude. More power to her!

At another point, she was seen at a party where she confidently challenged a politician about his views on China’s business dealings with Pakistan. The politician smiled tightly and instead, congratulated her on screening of her films on honor killings at the Prime Minister’s house.

Kudos to you, woman!

On the contrary, we have also seen a lot of critique over her work. Sharmeen argues that that these critics, many of whom are male, are in fact reacting against her own power and against the misogyny she is exposing.

Last year, this powerhouse of talent released Pakistan’s first virtual reality film series Look But With Love. It is set to be premiered at the upcoming 55th New York Film Festival, the inaugural Tribeca TV Festival and the Future of Storytelling.

Women like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy are the prized assets of Pakistan. While they work hard they should be supported more than criticized.

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