6 Makeup Essentials Before you Go to Parties in Summers

A list of 6 makeup essential products you must have with you for summer party makeup look.

Summer time is always a fun time for everyone. We all plan get together and parties with our friends. Every woman wants to look her best on such gatherings. If you have such a party to attend and you are worried about your makeup look in this heat. Well, don’t be! Here are 6 makeup essentials which will help your makeup last throughout the party and help you look fresh.


A primer is a must in this hot weather. Apply it as a base for your foundation. It would be the first thing you apply on your face so your foundation lasts longer without getting cake-y.

One of the primer you can invest in is by beautify by Amna for this purpose. It is not heavy on the skin and does not get greasy. It will be a good canvas for your makeup look.


Concealer will help you get rid of puffiness or dark circles around your eyes. It will also help in hiding any other blemishes on your skin. So add this to your makeup essentials kit.

One of the must have concealer is Conceal and Define concealer by Revolution. It has a heavy coverage.


A must-have for any party makeup look is a foundation. As weather is so warm, foundations can easily melt off your face. So, to look flawless throughout the party it should be a full coverage and a long lasting one.

Mac studio fluid is a really good foundation which not only long lasts but gives the perfect coverage.


To get that fresh and glowy look, a highlighter is a must. It will give a much need shine to your face and will make you glow all through the party.

Body Shop baked to last is an amazing baked highlighter. There are two colors in the same pack, pink and peachy. Which means it can fulfill the purpose of a blush while giving an inner glow to your skin.

Red lipstick

A red lipstick can save the day every time. It is an essential for any party makeup look. The color goes with almost any dress. Also, gives a sudden brightness of your face.

Ruby woo by Mac is the perfect red and suits almost every skin tone.


Mascara helps in giving life to your eyes and is on the list of makeup essentials. It also gives an awaken look to your face. It is an essential before going to any party.

Roller lash by Benefit would be a good option. It is a smudge proof mascara. Also, the wand helps you curl your lashes perfectly.

These are the 6 essential products you must apply before going to any party in summers.

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