Girls like Zainab Aqdas Rizvi Show the Bright Genius Side of Pakistan

Syeda Zainab Aqdas Rizvi is just another girl from Karachi. But what make her different from us all are her achievements. Due to which she is getting a lot of buzz on media..  She recently graduated from Smiths College UK, and delivered a heart-warming speech on the Ivy Day on March 19, 2018. She is a proud member of the Class of 2018.

Zainab Aqdas Rizvi is first from her family to earn a foreign degree. Furthermore she is a software engineer and is joining GOOGLE from August, 2018.

The Speech

Zainab’s speech gained huge applause from the crowd. She made her parents heart swell with pride when she introduced them right at the beginning of her speech.

Going further with her speech, she gave credit to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who graduated from Smiths in 2002. Chinoy guided her to join Smiths in accordance to Zainab’s interest in Story Telling and Journalism.

Later in her speech, Zainab talked about her focus and interest shifting from English to double majors in Computer Science and Statistical Data Analysis. The crowd was all laughing and hooting in amusement!

Moving ahead with the speech, Zainab shed light on her initial journey from English to Computer Sciences. An internship acceptance from New York’s financial firm, gave her the confidence to give start to her career in the field of computers.

Zainab acknowledged her professors and other faculty members of Smiths, in her speech. All those who made her today possible were given attention to. In the end she expressed her interest in going Graduate School in the same field.

Last but not the least, Zainab mentioned her friends and all those who supported her on personal level. After all, a speech of an undergraduate student is incomplete without the mention of much-loved FRIENDS.

Zainab Aqdas Rizvi had an eventful 4 years at Smiths. It is full of achievements and success examples.

Head Resident at Smiths

Zainab’s past feats include the position of Head Resident at the College. Her job was to facilitate communication between administrations and approximately 50 residents. In addition to it, her job was to handle individual and group conflicts.

Google Internship

Zainab Aqdus Rizvi worked as an intern at Google. She worked in the Google Ads and Commerce area.

In addition to her internship, Rizvi was part of Google’s CodeU Program Participant. It is an invitation only online development program for undergraduate students.

Standing there at the podium, in her innocent scarf bound face, Zainab Aqdus Rivzi was full of excitement and dreams. She is an example for every Pakistani girl. She is calling out to everyone that they can make their dream of being there at the PODIUM possible.

Congratulations Zainab, you have made us all Proud!


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