Naeem ul Haq slapped Daniyal Aziz on Live TV and it Isn’t Pretty

Yes! You heard it right. Our politicians have set the highest standards of ethics by slapping their counterparts on TV! PTI’s leader Naeem ul haq slapped Daniyal Aziz, Minister for Privatization, on a talk show aired on Tuesday.

Here’s the epic slap

The heated debate started after Daniyal Aziz called Naeemul Haq a ‘Thief’.

During the exchange of harsh words,  Naeem ul Haq slapped Daniyal Aziz. The anchor person, Muneeb Ijaz tried to calm down the situation but couldn’t do so. PPP’s Nafeesa Shah was also invited as a guest speaker. Following this incident, she left the show.

Other democracies like America have set examples of equal rights and justice, whereas Pakistan has displayed the worst show of ethos. Our system is corrupt. Politicians are corrupt. And, yesterday, the hope for ethos in our society literally died!

Daniyal Aziz spoke to the media after one day of this incident. He claimed that the whole thing was pre planned.

His counterpart wanted him to respond so that an issue could be made. He also labelled PTI as an unorganized party. He stated that fights were taking place within the party as well. He said that PTI has promoted a culture of “throwing inks and shoes” at everyone. Whereas, PTI’s Media head department said that Daniyal Aziz had deliberately set this trap for defamation of  PTI.

We admire your confidence and way of defending!

Now guys, there is no point of pursuing the matter legally, as justice has completely vanished from the core. What our politicians are doing today is shameful. They are setting the worst examples for our youth to follow.  It is no surprise that the trend of corruption and dishonesty is so “in” Pakistan these days.

Today Naeem ul haq slapped Daniyal Aziz on air. Tomorrow someone else will do the same. As a society we need to understand that this behavior is destroying the image of our country. Also, Slapping each other will not solve the issues of our country.

To all the politicians around there: “PLEASE GROW UP”

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