Recent Click-Baiting Trend In Pakistan Social Media Is Crossing All Limits

Click-baiting has become unavoidable for social media users.

Ever since the evolution of social media, our lives revolve around more likes, more views, more comments. That is the ultimate criteria of success these days, quantity over quality. Sometimes, the snappy headlines of click-bait style articles are unavoidable. But the click-baiting trend in Pakistan social media is definitely crossing limits. A lot of times very popular web content websites post articles just for the sake of click-baiting. Despite having a huge readership, they take these desperate measures.

Here are some of the examples of the click-baiting trend in Pakistan

Recently, a very famous website took drastic measures to increase their viewership but failed epically. While posting a funny article about halal pickup lines (whatever that means!) in Ramzan, they used a picture of a pornstar.


By doing this, they just pissed people off.

These guys were really angry.

This guy gave them a piece of his mind.

This person wanted a peaceful protest.

This guy is so annoyed, he had to use an emoji.

Who needs a logic anyway?

They posted another article with made no sense at all

The title of this article was “reasons girls don’t always fast”. Some of the reasons they gave were so lame that I just don’t have words for it.

I just don’t understand what does this even mean!

Meanwhile, this one is just offensive.

This portrays women as hungry predators who have no self-control. Also, what does it have to do with fasting is beyond me!

Again, it got the negative feedback from people.

Click-baiting trend in Pakistan needs to stop.

There are hundreds of articles and videos which makes no sense at all and are just for the click-baiting purposes. They are heavily advertised to buy likes and boost the posts to get maximum attention. Although this is highly unprofessional and unethical, they just don’t care.

The headlines are appalling.

Slow clap for this headline!

This click-baiting trend needs to stop because this misleads the audience and becomes chaotic. Let’s keep posting quantity instead of quality.

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