A Man Mastrubates In Public And We Are Beyond Disgusted

Incidents like this are becoming routine and it’s highly disturbing.

Every day we read about incidents of sexual harassment. It has become so common practice that a man masturbates in public and gets away with it. There’s no one to stop them and no legal action is taken against them. They do it in front of college girls, older women, young girls. Most of the times, girls and women are told to ignore them. Meanwhile, these perverts have no shame.

Some students had to face the same kind of incident.

A few months ago, a guy on a motorcycle flashed the girls when they were in their university van. Some of the girls in the van were in their teens. However, one of the students showed some courage and took a picture of him for evidence.

FLASHING, SEXUAL HARASSMENT incident: Today a friend in lahore was in her university van. The van had stopped to wait…

Posted by Pakistan Speaks on Monday, April 9, 2018

In Karachi, a man masturbates in public in front of two sisters.

Recently, two sisters took to social media to share their experience of harassment in public. A man masturbated in broad daylight in front of the two sisters. This incident happened on Kayaban-e-Shujaat, DHA, in Karachi.

The girls shared that they were going back home when they saw this man park the car near them, got out and started jerking off. They said that they were shocked and just couldn’t move. Afterwards, they decided to follow him to take pictures of his car number plate for evidence. Eventually, they decided to leave because they got scared that they would get in serious trouble.

Here is the post they shared on social media.


People had a lot to say about it.

A lot of people were disgusted by this incident. However, there were some men who were defending this man.

This guy has lost his mind.


This is insane.


This guy needs serious help.


Meanwhile, this guy refuses to believe it could happen here.


However, blogger Uroosa Mudabbir posted the link of this psychopath.


Also, another blogger, Fizza Rahman posted it on her Twitter account.

These incidents show the dark side of our society. Women are not safe anywhere. This is going to have a very negative impact on our next generation. The government needs to take some serious actions against these people. This needs to stop!

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