Taraweeh Prayer in Ramzan and its Countless Blessings!

Ramazan is the 9th month of Islamic Calendar. During this month, Muslims worldwide keep fast during the day. In addition to fasting, prayers are an important part of Ramazan, both during the day and night! One special prayer of this month is the Taraweeh Prayer.

Blessings of the Taraweeh Prayer are amazing and countless!


All Sins Are Forgiven

The virtues of standing in prayer are amazing. Specially in this month they are pretty high. Al-Bukhari reports that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “whoever stands in the night of Ramazan with faith and in hopes if reward, Allah will forgive him.”

Taraweeh Prayer earns You Massive Rewards

Al-Tirmidhi reports about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

“whoever prays Taraweeh with the Imam until he finishes, it will be recorded as if he spent the whole night in prayer”

Taraweeh Prayer helps overcome Short Comings

Taraweeh is an extra voluntary prayer. Moreover, it makes up for the short comings of obligatory prayer. In this regard, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) informed the umah that Allah says, on the day of Resurrection, all the defective obligatory prayers will be covered with the voluntary prayers!

Taraweeh benefits the Person Praying

Prayer is not to be considered a chore, which needs to be done. In addition to it, never take prayer as a burden. Prayer benefits the person. Allah has no share in the benefits prayer has to offer.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took prayer as a comfort. Furthermore, for him it was a form of relaxation. He has been reported to have instructed Hazrat Bilal to call for prayer. So that people pray and relax!

All Prayers are IMPORTANT

Prayers are THE most important aspects of our lives. In the final Sermon, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been reported to have focused a lot on prayer.

The importance of prayer cannot be ignored. Infact, its importance can also be judged from Hazrat Ali’s incidence. He was stabbed while praying Fajr. Even moments before dying, all he could worry about was whether people have completed their prayers!

Taraweeh Prayer is considered very important in the month of Ramazan. Even though its not compulsory, Mosques, throughout the globe make preparations for it.

May Allah give you the strength to fast and pray this Ramazan!


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