Amir Liaquat Bashes Zakir Naik on his Show and Receives a ban from PEMRA

History repeats itself as Dr. (maybe) Amir Liaquat receives yet another ban from PEMRA. Although this does not come as a shock to anyone who has seen even one of his shows. The anchor is currently hosting Bol TV’s “Ramzan Main Bol” and “Aisa Nahi Chalay Ga”.

Amir Liaquat has been banned by PEMRA for thirty days and both his shows have been shut down.

It all started with a phone call he received on his show from Gujrat, India. The man on call asked Amir Liaquat and panel scholars a question about Hazrat Ali (A.S). On this, Mr. Liaquat got super mad at the guy as he thought the question was stupid. Furthermore, Amir bashed him implying that he was a Zakir Naik follower.

Amir then went on about his ‘faith’ and some questionable words from Dr. Zakir Naik.

All this unnecessary drama got way out of hand as Amir kept on maligning Zakir Naik and Salafis on live television. Some other panelists like Allama Kokab Noorani also joined him and together they kept talking about how a Muslim can never even think of asking such a question.

The entire thing went on for a good about 7-8 minutes as fellow panelist Qari Khalil didn’t take the criticism well.

It is fairly noticeable here that Qari Khalil is also a part of Peace TV (Urdu). This is the same channel that Dr. Zakir Naik is a regular part of too. However, Amir and Qari Khalil were on separate channels today. Qari Khalil argued that Zakir Naik had not said those things while Amir kept asking him to condemn.

Amir could not get a condemnation out of Qari Khalil and left the show. He claimed he could not be on the same panel as Salafi/Wahabi scholar such as Qari Khalil.

Allama Qoqab Noorani followed his lead and also left the show. As Amir was leaving, some people in the audience apparently started raising slogans of Naara-e-Risalat.

No matter what Amir’s sect or faith is he had no right to do what he did on live TV. He has hurt religious sentiments of a major sect which got him the thirty days ban.

PEMRA did not wait long and issued a ban on Amir Liaquat and his show. The whole thing has hurt people that follow a certain sect and Amir has only preached hate.

Ramzan is a month of sacrifice, respect and mutual inclusion and Bol TV’s show was against that spirit.

We think the ban on hateful comments by Amir Liaquat is justified. A public figure like him needs to show more respect and acceptance for all religions and sects.


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