Karachi’s favorite Do Darya Restaurant Strip to be demolished after Ramzan

News has it that Karachi’s famous restaurant, Do Darya is soon to be demolished. The restaurants sea side had great food and the best environment.

Do Darya was like a painting. Set at the outskirts of Arabian sea, it provided the best of ambiance with a great taste. Moreover, it was the favorite spot for tourists as well which means it boosted the city’s economy.

The Cause for Shutting it Down

According to the some, the restaurants dotting the shores of the Arabian Sea have been ordered to shut down by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). The DHA has sent notices to the restaurants’ owners to fold up their businesses by June this year.

The restaurants have been ordered to close in order to provide land for the construction of high-rise commercial buildings. They had been leased out by DHA and had reportedly been served notices two years ago as well to vacate the land. The matter was taken to court and no action was taken since – up until now.

Krachiites are have been tweeting about their favorite spot ever since. The hashtag #savedodarya has been trending.

It is a matter of pride for some.

The plan that high risers are taking the place of such a beautiful sight is just sad.

Apparently it was also acquired by Chinese investors that is why it is being closed down. The long chain of restaurants offered employment to 5000 workers including cooks, guards, and valets. With Do Darya shutting down, unemployment will be on the rise.

The time to bid farewell to this iconic food point in Karachi has arrived.

Do Darya will surely be missed! Although people still hope that government will take some action to preserve this beautiful spot while the chances are bleak. While the high risers promise underwater restaurants the idea might not even be that bad.

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