Sexual Harassment at KIPS Campuses Now Becoming a Norm

Recently, #MeToo campaign has been the voice of the victims of sexual harassment. Social media can be credited with the fastest spreading of the news. Similarly, sexual harassment at KIPS campuses has become a major issue now.

According to some reports, sexual harassment at KIPS campuses is becoming a norm. The perpetrators are teachers and administrative staff.

The whole scenario has made us questioning whether KIPS education systems can even provide a safe work environment to its female employees. The victim shared her experience on social media. The messages are disturbing and downright cringe-worthy as the man allegedly behind it all asks for nudes and private meetings.

According to her, the job application was confirmed but she was being called for private interviews three to four times. Moreover, her interviewer demanded her to meet him alone.

He claimed that if she complied, she would secure her job in no time.

sexual harassment at KIPS campuses

The cringe has not even started yet.

sexual harassment at KIPS campuses

Or you want to work under me? **pukes**

sexual harassment at KIPS campuses

The victim also claimed that there was no issuance of appointment letters to the employees. That means they can get fired without any prior notice from the employer.

This does not end at staff hiring as female students have also been a target of sexual harassment at KIPS campuses.

News has it that a female student and an English teacher were involved in a salacious conversation. This conversation is a whole different level of cringe.

sexual harassment at KIPS campuses

You have special disgusting repulsion though.                     sexual harassment at KIPS campuses

Should have sent him pictures of a toilet seat instead.

Students were asked if they had filed a complaint against the harassers. Some of them said they had complained but there was no action from the authorities. Others said they were afraid to talk about the stream of indecent behavior towards them.

This is important to note that these students are teenagers and have very impressionable minds.

The English teacher, guilty for sexual harassment, clarified himself on social media. He stated that he also has daughters and every student on campus is like a daughter to him. Although the latest update is that he has been fired!

To remove this social ill, the society must unite against it. Proper guidance and counselling must be introduced at educational institutions. This will help the students gain certain exposure about this delicate issue. Moreover, people must come and talk about it. This will hinder its nature as a taboo and the society would remain well informed.

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