Fifty Fifty Actor Majid Jahangir Is Seeking Help For His Paralysis

Fifty Fifty is one of the best shows Pakistan has ever produced.

Over the years, many amazing shows have been produced in Pakistan. Some of those TV shows are unforgettable. Among these shows was a legendary comedy series, Fifty Fifty. It was a sketch comedy show which is considered one of the best Pakistani shows. Its content was satire and parody. Its comedy was slapstick. Due to this show, we got to see some very talented actors and comedians. Although there were a lot of actors on the show, regulars were Ismail Tara, Zeba Shehnaz and Majid Jahangir. Fifty Fifty actor Majid Jahangir was the funniest.

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Fifty fifty actor Majid Jahangir requests fans to help.

In the 80s, Majid Jahangir ruled our TV screens. But now, he’s seeking the help of his fans for his medical expenses. Some days ago, a musician Saim Rajput posted on his facebook that legendary actor Majid Jahangir needs financial help for his paralysis. He also mentioned a contact number, if someone wanted to help.

Last year, Majid Jahangir was looking for work.

After failing to seize any work opportunities in Karachi, he moved to Lahore. Unfortunately, it has not been easy for him to make a comeback. He has 45 years of experience and a Pride of Performance award. During an interview, he said,

“It’s very painful to realise that no one is taking you seriously. You see, there is no shortage of work in Karachi and I am ready and able to do it all. But no one there is really thinking of senior artists. Hopefully, I’ll be appreciated more in Lahore as the producers here gave work to even Nusrat Ara when they found out of her poor circumstances. I came here while I was unwell, after being disappointed by Karachi. The people of Lahore have helped me before too and I hope they will help me again.”

Previously, he was getting support from Government of Sindh. However, it looks like that Government of Punjab is not doing anything for him.

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Malik Riaz has announced to help fifty fifty actor Majid Jahangir.

On Saturday, the chairman of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz announced that he will help him. He announced that he will bear all the medical expenses of Fifty Fifty actor Majid Jahangir. Hopefully, he will fulfil the promise.

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We should respect our senior actors more.

Although Majid Jahangir was famous in the 80s, we still remember his skits. Mostly, he was paired with Ismail Tara and they made a great team. They gave us some of the funniest skits, one of which is ‘Ajab Keh Raha Hai Bahi’. Majid Jahangir has also done theatre and dramas. He was also a scriptwriter and wrote skits for fifty fifty regularly. In an interview, he said,

“Comedy and satire are not taken as an art form but rather as a medium to insult the power holders. Comedy is no more a comedy, but rather has taken a vulgar form.”

It’s sad to see our senior actor neglected like this. Hopefully, Majid Jahangir will be provided with necessary treatment and he makes a comeback. We would be very glad to see him on our TV screens again.

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