Mazhar Kaleem and Imran Series have both been Laid to Rest

3 AM in the morning, drowsily rubbing my eyes, I enter my parents room in search of my mother. Looked at my father who totally lost in his Urdu novel. Moreover, he hardly acknowledged my presence when I woke up my mother for water. This was the trance the Urdu novels took him to. And that is how I remember the legendary Urdu Writer and his famous suspense series. Mazhar Kaleem and his renowned Imran Series always have and will forever be a part of my childhood!

26 May 2018. A sad day for Imran Series lovers as the legend passed away. His loss leaves a gaping hole in her childhood memories.

He died at the age of 75 after fighting an endless battle with a much prolonged illness.

Social Media Buzz

Fans world were saddened by the news, and that day Social Media was all about Mazhar Kaleem and his outstanding writing in the form of Imran Series, Umro Ayyar and many children books. Infact, fans worldwide stepped forward to offer their condolences to the great writer

Mazhar Kaleem and his Children Stories are reminiscence about, even today.

Writer’s Personal Details

Commonly known as Mazhar Kaleem, his real name was Mazhar Nawaz Khan. He was born in Multan, and that is where he was laid to rest. Mazhar Kaleem left behind four daughters and two sons.

Other Life Achievements

He also worked for Radio Pakistan, serving as an anchor person for a show in Siraiki. Furthermore, he was a lawyer and an elected senior vice president of District Bar Association of Multan.

Mazhar Kaleem and his Writing

Ibn-e-Safi was the original creator of the character Ali Imran, the fantastic protagonist spy. Although, after his death Mazhar Kaleem continued the series successfully and had written over 500 books. In addition, he wrote famous children literature books. Naming a few works Chaloosak Maloosak, Aangloo Bangloo, and Chan Changloo are some of the children books which gained wide scale fame.

imran series
Source: Urdu Books Web

Mazhar Kaleem

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Famous Imran Series

Urdu Literature and Imran Series go side by side. This series are the best-selling spy novels, and revolve around the character Ali Imran. Furthermore, Ali Imran is a comical secret agent who secretly runs the spy agency as X2. Talking about the first ever publication, 1995 was the year when first book of this series, Khaufnaak Imarat, was published. In continuation to this book, the character Ali Imran became the focus of many other books. Not to forget, all penned down by the Great Mazhar Kaleem

Source: Urdu Raj Website

There is a page dedicated to this series on Twitter.

imran series mazhar kaleem

The list of all his books in the Imran Series can be found here.

Mazhar Kaleem passed away in his town. His death is a great loss of Urdu Literature. No one can create the characters of Imran Series like him. Furthermore, such suspense packed writing can only come out from his pen.

Rest in Peace Sir. You will always be remembered.

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