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Boxer Amir Khan has been Accused of Cheating, AGAIN!

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Amir Khan allegedly had a one-night stand with the beautician, Sophia Hammani, just after 17 days of the birth of his second daughter.

The boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom always find a way to be in news somehow. The personal drama, which is always public, is nothing less than a star plus show. And here they are again with another family drama.

We can never forget the couple’s previous twitter war.

Last year, we saw the news of the couple splitting when the boxer accused his wife of cheating on him with Anthony Joshua. This twitter war between the couple kept getting dirtier with every tweet. They both kept accusing each other of cheating.

They both used their twitters and snapchats to update their fans about every little happening. Fans sure had a lot to follow. To add to the drama, Amir’s parents also gave an interview to a news channel and cried how bad their bahu is.

The new twist was when Faryal announced that she was pregnant with Amir’s second child. Though Amir being very heartless, accused her to faking it initially. However, the couple finally sorted their issues and patched up.

22-year-old beautician, Sophia Hammani, claims that she had a one-night stand with the boxer.

According to the beautician, it happened exactly after 17 days of the birth of his second daughter.

Sophia claims that they met at a London club when she was out with her friends. It all started after her friend winked at Amir and he invited them to his table. After a lot of flirting, Amir invited Sophia to his hotel. There they spent a night together on 11th May.

The beautician says that he was talking as if he was single and even she assumed that he was divorced.

  “He was acting and talking as though he was single so I had no reason to think otherwise. We were having a great time.”

She claims that she had no idea at all about the couple’s patch up. Until she got home and saw a family picture posted on his Instagram. She says it was then that she came to know about the birth of his new baby girl. She said she felt used when she saw this.

“What a f***ing a**hole. He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man.”

She also added that the boxer who is worth of £23 million, left only £20 for her to get her home.

Shocking part is that Faryal and Sophia had a “sisterly” conversation!

Later, Faryal got intouch with the beautician and they had a conversation. Surprisingly, instead of being furious at Sophia, Faryal had a sisterly conversation with her.

“When Faryal got in touch, I was terrified as by then I’d read all about Amir and I thought she would be furious with me. But as the conversation went, it was a sisterly chat. It seems to me that she just cannot trust him.”

Amir Khan denied the accusations.

Even though the beautician looks very confident with her story, the boxer completely denied it. Amir Khan posted an official his side of the story on twitter. According to the boxer, she came for a picture but was told to leave by the security as she was too drunk.

Well, only they know who’s telling the truth.

Although we really hope that its not true and the couple is actually as happy as they show on social media.

Written by Aqsa Maryam

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