Arjun Rampal’s Divorce Sends Shock Waves All Over Social Media

Celebrities are like fantasies. They make us believe in a fairytale world that has love stories and Unicorns. But, when this façade wears off, we are left with shattered beliefs. The same thing happened when Arjun Rampal’s divorce was announced on 28th May, 2018.

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia split after two long decades. They issued an official statement regarding this. No wonder, the fans were shocked worldwide!

The love story dates back to 1998. Arjun was charming and a successful model. Mehr was a  top supermodel of 90’s and two years older to Arjun. The prince charming proposed to her and yes it was hard to resist! They got married and spent twenty beautiful years together. They parent two daughters, Mahika and Myra. Their issued statement also claimed that no love has lost between them. They still care about each other and they will raise their daughters together.

Whatever, but we are saaaad!

But what caused the marriage to break down?

Rumors had it that Arjun Rampal and Sussane Khan (ex wife of Hrithik Roshan) were having an affair. The duration of Arjun’s alleged extramarital relationship isn’t known but reports had also attributed Sussanne and Hrithik’s divorce to the 45-year-old model-turned-actor. Friends stated that the strain in their marriage kept intensifying. The couple tried to salvage it but could not do so. Therefore, they mutually agreed for separation.

Arjun Rampal's Divorce
via Janta ka Reporter

The fans were shocked and saddened. The couple has requested privacy from everyone at this time. Also the general support in this decision would be appreciated. Media forums are treating Arjun Rampal’s divorce as the hottest story. Numerous stories are floating around and they are hard to neglect. Friends also related Arjun Rampal’s divorce with Farhan-Audhuna split.

“They began to grow separately and it was hard to keep the marriage intact. With so many differences, separation was the only consequence.” stated one of Arjun’s friends. 

With Arjun Rampal’s divorce, we feel sorry for the world we live in. Where only Matter exists and Love has vanished completely!

After Arjun Rampal’s divorce, we have been jolted back to reality… A world where perspectives are at war. A world which is not a fantasy at all.

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