Funniest Thing about Pakistani Politics Today Brought to you by Maryam Nawaz

“I love you Nawaz Sharif”

That’s what Nawaz Sharif heard in response to his speech from his so-called beloved crowd of followers. Or maybe it was “we love you Maryam Nawaz” (say tauba tauba). I know you must be laughing but that’s the real face of Pakistani Politics! Infact, the lovey-dovey talks in a public speech can only come from our duly respected politicians or rather we should say stage comedians (winking eyes).

Pakistani Politics is an open stage drama for the world to witness and laugh.

The Daring Act of the Conference Invader

In the press conference held by Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, upon witnessing such outburst of love from their leader, one fool took it to be true. Moreover, he ran towards the stage to return back the love from the supposedly full-of-love leader! But Alas! Our self-claimed “loved by all” leader who publicly claims “I Love you” is just an addition to his long list of lies (infact, an endless list).

That fool of a follower was grabbed by security even before he could show his way of expressing love to his great leader! Furthermore, he was awarded with a lot of muqqas and chapairain on his daring act. And the look on Maryam Nawaz’s face was “how dare he??”

Moreover she was so flabbergasted with the reaction of the conference invader, one could not stop saying “You asked for it” (rolling eyes).

Maryam Nawaz’s Reaction

Maryam Nawaz and her reaction on the conference invader is just EPIC!

pakistani politics

Her stretched out hand to stop him from reaching her was enough to signal “Don’t you dare touch the Queen of Dragons. Or you will be ashes!’ Just wondering Queen of Dragons had Dragons as her security, what dragons are you hiding Maryam?


Politics and Drama

Pakistani Politics is full of dramatic episodes; just like the Indian Soap Operas we were addicted to in our childhood (don’t you dare deny you weren’t addicted!). Next episode of this “conference invader” came with Nawaz Sharif embracing handshakes with this guy. Not to forget, the poor guy received a serious dose of pitai and lord knows what threats to stop him from creating another scene.

Showcasing the Next Dramatic Episode

Adding to it further,  Maryam beautifully painted the picture of this act as the extreme display of love. Furthermore, she associated Nawaz Sharif and his followers to ‘Ashiq and Mashooq’ status. One cannot stop wondering “Heer and Ranjha” or “Shah Jahan and Mumtaz” which love is she talking about? Infact why is she talking about love in the first place? Or maybe she is indirectly informing the public about her Dad’s secret love affair? Or maybe, she is confusing love and politics? Infact she herself is confused about poltics and love.

Anyhow, whatever be your intention, Maryam Nawaz we all love your Dad (can’t say we love you or else). He is an important player of the stage called Pakistani Politics. Infact the stage is incomplete without him. We are always on the hunt of new drama. !

Till next episode of Pakistani Politics drama. Ta-da!


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