80 Students Face Sexual Harassment at Bahria College During their Biology Practical

80 girls were harassed during biology practical at Bahira College Islamabad.

Recently, we have been hearing some disturbing harassment incidents taking place at our educational institutes. These stories are not only leaving us disgusted but also forcing us to worry about the future of our own children. 80 young girls experienced sexual harassment at Bahria College Islamabad by one man.

These girls went to give their biology practical at Bahria College on 24th, 25th and 26th May. The examiner, Saadat Bahir, harassed each one of them. He passed sleazy comments, gave evil smirks and groped so many girls. The girls were told to stay quite if they want good marks by their teachers at the college. Seriously!

This student raised the issue on social media.

This brave girl, Saba Ali, posted her experience and raised this issue at social media. She was in the first batch of the practical. This pervert guy, Saadat Bashir, groped her twice. Then he traced her bra strap while pretending to examine her slides. While frog dissection, he asked the student what kind of a frog it was. She, totally scared, said male. On which, his reply will just disgust you.

“It’s a female frog can’t you see the ovaries; you have them inside you too!”

He did all this while threatening to deduct their marks constantly.

Another student posted her classmate’s experience, who left the lab in tears. This disgusting man singled her out and touched her thighs and hips several times. When she slapped on his hand when he tried to touch her breast, he told her to be “nice”, if she wants good marks. He also told her that she was the prettiest of all the girls he has invigilated till now.

College Faculty told the students to stay quite.

When the students went to Head of Department of Biology, they were told that the department cannot do anything as he has their papers. The girl felt that HoD was correct and stayed silent. They preached their students that its ok to be harassed by shutting them up.

Later, a lot of students came out on social media and posted about their experiences.

One of them started a threat on twitter with hashtag #PunishSaadatBashir. In this threat, around 18 students posted their testimonials.


Celebrities stood up for these students.

Celebrities took a step forward in supporting these students. Mawra Hocane, who is a former student of Bahria College Islamabad, also posted against the role of college administration.

Model, Eman Sulaiman, who always stands up on such issues also posted about it. One of the student sent her a message telling her what she experienced with the same beast.

Bullying and harassment are getting so common at educational institutes.

We often hear stories which leave us shaking about the incidents happening at educational institutes these days. Bullying and harassment are getting so common at schools and colleges. These students are still in their childhood and just image what impression these incidents can leave on their minds. These can damage their personality forever.

We need to teach our children how to stand up for themselves instead of shutting them out.

Sadly, we never hear schools or colleges taking any actions against such incidents. Parents do not send their children to educational institutes to get good marks only. They are also responsible for personality building of the students. By telling them that a person in power at the moment can harass you, can definitely do no good to the personality of the students. The college faculty and administration are equally guilty. High time we should teach our children how to stand up for themselves and how to protect themselves. For which parents and educational institutes will have to play an equal role.

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