There is a Ban on Indian Movies During the Coming Eid Holidays

ban on Indian movies

Where Eid ul Fitr brings a festive atmosphere all around, movies and their entertainment values should not be forgotten. Pakistani Cinema has just started to get better but we still cannot deny how much Pakistanis watch Bollywood. There is although a temporary ban on Indian movies during Eid holidays.

According to a notification issued by the ministry of information and broadcasting. The exhibition and screening of Indian and foreign films will be banned from two days before the Eid to two weeks after the holidays.

The ban has been imposed on the request of Pakistani Film Exhibitors, distributors and production houses. An exhibitor from Pakistan Film Exhibitors’ Association confirmed this notification.

Why is there a ban though?


As it is known, Eid holidays bring in big business for the new Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani movies. This ban on Indian movies aims at the promotion of local Pakistani cinema.

“This time of the year attracts a large number of audience towards cinemas, therefore this strategic step has been taken.” says the notification.

This temporary ban would be applicable for Eid ul Adha holidays as well.

Although we agree that Pakistani cinema needs to be promoted. Imposing a ban on Indian movies is not a long term solution. Pakistan film industry still has a long long way to go in the path of cinematic success.

If the point is to keep making movies like “Lahore se Aagay” and ” Mehrunisa we Lub you”. We will always need a ban on foreign media to save the day!

Pakistan has a lot of talent. If it learns to utilize it in the right way, then it won’t need a ban on Indian movies, their work will speak for itself. We have produced hit movies Bol, Khudaa k Liye, Manto, Waar, Actor in Law and Cake. They are a proof that we can create amazing cinema too.

Written by Fatima Sajjad

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