Maryam Nawaz Hasn’t Changed Her Lying Habits Even In Ramzan

Maryam Nawaz, the self proclaimed princess of Pakistan and Duchess of Sheikhupura.

Ever since she started her political journey, Maryam Nawaz has been very active on social media. Mainly, Twitter is her favorite forum to express her precious thoughts.  She shares her opinions about politics and bashes the opposition (Imran Khan). Also, she keeps us updated about ‘successes’ of PML-N. Mostly, she thanks her father for the great things he has done for Pakistan (coughs).

This tweet shows how incompetent she is for Pakistani politics.

Recently, she tweeted about the load shedding crisis in Pakistan. When the whole country is suffering in this heat with no electricity, she goes ahead and rubs salt into our wounds.

Maybe she was posting this tweet from the comforts of her luxurious house where there is no such thing as the load shedding. Obviously, this special gift is only for the poor people of Pakistan who never learn. They keep voting for PML-N again and again. I mean, who needs unnecessary things like electricity and clean water. Only important things are Orange train, Metro bus and “SHER”!

People are so ruthless. They started trolling the Princess for her tweet. How dare they!

Like seriously, LOL.

I mean, that’s a legit question.

This is just incredible FULL STOP

Obviously! Duh!

Some gave her a reality check that she obviously needs.

Literally our reaction.

The government promised that there will be no load shedding in Ramzan.

Before the holy month of Ramzan started, Prime Minister (?) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced that it will be a “load shedding free” month. Then, the government officials said that there will be no load shedding in Sehri and Iftari. But now, most of the country is facing 4-6 hours of load shedding. In some parts of Pakistan, there’s power breakdown after every hour.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Here are some of her absurd tweets.

While her latest tweet about load shedding in Ramzan is just ridiculous, her Twitter account is full of it. Here are some of them.

When she hit rock bottom.

What even?

When she tried to share her wisdom about Panama Papers. Instead, got schooled by Pulitzer winning journalists.

When she tried to ask a serious question and started a trending hashtag.

Honestly, no words!

Maryam Nawaz, we have just one question for you.

After going through her latest and previous tweets, we just need an answer to one question: Baji, why so delusional?

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