Asma Hamid, Breaking the Judiciary Glass Ceiling

Females are acing in every field today. From sports to corporate world, women are making their presence notable. Likewise they are excelling by scoring top positions. Asma Hamid, a lawyer by profession has just been announced the new ‘Advocate General of Punjab’. And we all are so proud of her!

Source: Express Tribune

It’s indeed a historical moment for the nation. Asma Hamid, a female, has entered the top ranks of our system! In the world ruled by men, Asma has surely made an impact. She not only has made headlines but also has paved the way for females to be a part of the system that makes the rules for THEM!

Qualifications and Previous Positions

Asma Hamid has earned her post graduate degree from the prestigious Harvard University. She completed her degree in Constitutional Law. She has worked as an Assistant Advocate General in January, 2014 and as Additional Advocate General in March, 2015. Furthermore, she also carried out the duties as Acting Advocate General in charge, of the office on two previous occasions.


Asma Hamid is a Supreme Court Advocate. Moreover, she has represented Punjab in thousands of cases in Lahore High Court and the apex court. Not only she has represented the province but also has been successful in them. Furthermore, Hamid’s representation as state advocate in the Distilleries cases earned billion of rupees in tax revenue.

In addition to it, Hamid has also advised the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on various issues related to the country. She has advised CM on different topics which include energy, property, environment, media, tax, state and evacuee property, service, contract and other laws.


A woman has to face a lot of opposition from the men, in the male-dominant society of ours. Since, our system lacks gender equality in appointment officials at government position. It leads to a lot of unwanted and bad attention from the people who rule the system. Similarly, Asma has become a target of lot of controversies since the announcement has been made.

Barrister Javed Iqbal Jafree has filed the petition against Asma. Jafree quoted that ‘Asma Hamid was appointed as principal law officer of Punjab in violation of merit’. Furthermore, Jafree  alleged that Hamid was appointed on the basis of political contacts. Moreover, many senior law officers were ignored to appoint Hamid, Jafree further quoted.

Asad Kharral, a renowned journalist, also offered negative remarks on her appointment. Kharral is unable to digest a woman’s success:

Opposition from Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Furthermore, PTI has also questioned on her appointment:

Women Rights and Democracy

Inclusion of women in key government position is the key to strengthening democracy.

The empowerment of women and the establishment of gender equality are crucial to democracy. Democracy needs women! In order to be an inclusive, representative, and enduring system of government, women needs position in the system. The absence of women from political life results in male democracy. This male-democracy is an incomplete and very biased form of democracy.

Women like Asma, are an inspiration for the females of our society. The way these females stand up in the male-dominant world, they deserve a standing ovation! Women are stepping forward and breaking barriers. And these oppressors will always be there to downgrade them one way or the other. Asma Hamid and many women like her, possess a strong personality who always show a good face in the face of such opposition!

 “Way to go Lady, you have just made history”

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