There is an Imminent Water Shortage in Pakistan & Here are Some Precautions

At present, Pakistan is still climbing the ladder to success while juggling between crises. Energy, financial and now, an imminent water crisis too. As water is the most eminent foundation of the state, its shortage would bring a great loss. Water shortage in Pakistan would mean no food and no life in the country. That sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) on Sunday issued warnings of a looming water crisis in Pakistan, as only 2,20,000 cusec acres of water is available in reserves to meet the growing water demand in the country.

Alarming about the water shortage, IRSA said that storage in at 0.220 million acres feet (MAF). Due to this the provinces of Sindh and Punjab would face 51 per cent shortage of water. Per WAPDA’s report, Tarbela and Mangla Dams have started drying. This is because of the less water inflow towards them. Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) had already issued a warning that the country may run dry by 2025 if the authorities did not take immediate action to pacify the situation.

Water shortage in Pakistan is also to be credited to construction of Indian Dams on Rivers Chenab and Jehlum.

So, With such a catastrophe hovering over head, we must come up with certain solutions to the water shortage in Pakistan. As of course, we don’t want to die dry!

Urbanization is major a cause of water shortage in Pakistan. The urban settlements of today come without any plans of water supply.

This cause them to rely on already existing water sources like dams. These dams are already outdated and have poor delivery mechanisms. Result: complete destruction. Authorities must provide sustainable water plans for the development of Urban settlements.

Regular maintenance of canals and other water channels would reduce seepage.

Providing an alternate source of water to the grazing animals is another very important step towards protecting the banks of water channels. The grazing animals cause enormous damage to the water channels in terms of their obliteration and consequently outflows of water. Authorities must work on providing them with a satisfactory substitute.

Selective brick linings, particularly in areas which have been affected by rising water levels leading to water logging and salinity is a cure to revive the sick land.

The selective brick linings will stop the further seepage.

At last, use water with care. Don’t waste it because liters of water are wasted on a daily basis without knowing. For showering, washing and bathing, use only what is required of it.

Its in time that we realize the importance of this Life-giving commodity and stand up against the menace of water shortage.

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