Chris Pratt Wants to Visit Pakistan And We Are More Than Excited.

Hollywood superstar, Chris Pratt, who was last seen in Avengers: Infinity War, received some love from Pakistan on twitter. A Pakistani recently tweeted “Jurassic World Love from Pakistan” to Chris Pratt. To everyone’s surprise the actor replied with an equally love-filled tweet.

Pakistani fans couldn’t control their excitement when the actor tweeted:

The tweet by Chris ended into a long stream of tweets by some thrilled Pakistani fans.

Chris already has a tour guide ready

While others told him to bring some guests along.

Shaadi proposals also poured in.

His love melted people so much that some regretted not liking his movie.

While some were still angry at him for his bad acting.

Some couldn’t stop dancing with excitement.

People compared Northern areas of Pakistan with the scenes from Jurassic world.

If Chris Pratt still had any doubts about the hospitality of Pakistanis, this man just told him to google it.

Anday wala burger is compulsory for you Chris.

If not, then you can have some other specialty too.

 People sent him images as a proof so he confirms his plan.

People felt a new ray of love for Chris Pratt.

No doubt this tweet was really appreciated by his fans. He won a lot of hearts by showing so much love for Pakistan. We do hope that he visits and meets his over whelmed fans.

The star is busy promoting his upcoming movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in Shanghai these days. Still we all are anxiously waiting for his next flight to land in Pakistan. And, we are sure that some fans must have reached the airport already.

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