Pakistanis Stand Together In Mourning, Charanjit Singh You Will Be Remembered

Peshawar has been in mourning since the last few days. The minority Sikh community, residing in Peshawar, are seriously troubled! And along with them the whole country is in shock. The ruthless murder of a Sikh Human Right Activist, Sardar Charanjit Singh, has created uproar in Pakistan. Not only he belonged to the minorities, but also he was a beacon of interfaith harmony!

The Murder

An unidentified gunman, riding on a bike, forcefully entered the grocery shop run by Charanjit Singh. Next, the gunman shot the owner of the shop, in broad daylight, and fled the murder scene. Correspondingly, eye witnesses have confirmed this story.

Police confirmed the deceased as Charanjit. At the age of 52, Charanjit Singh was a well known human right activist.

Police are still in the process of finding a motive for this murder! Although we are sure it is just intolerance.

Source: DissDass Website

Activist Charanjit Singh

Charanjit Singh migrated to Peshawar in early 1970’s for business.

“In 1975, there were only four Sikh families in Peshawar. Charanjit’s family was one of them”

Sikh elder Baba Amarjit Singh, discusses about the deceased with reporters. Furthermore, Charanjit Singh has written three books and has co-authored many books. Charanjit is known to possess a thorough knowledge of Sikh religion and was often invited to lecture on various aspects of religion.

Pakistanis Mourn the Death

Charanjit was a true Pakistani. Moreover, Pakistanis nationwide are standing together demanding justice against this heinous crime. People throughout Pakistan stepped forward and offered condolences to the deceased and his family.

Peshawar police are conducting an investigation into the murder of Charanjit Singh. They are yet to ascertain whether this was an act of terror or the assailants had targeted Charanjit due to personal enmity.

Killing of Sardar Charanjit Singh is a heinous crime that calls for serious introspection by all Pakistanis

Tension has gripped the city since the murder. Moreover, Pakistan’s minorities are experiencing a wave of fear and terror following the murder. This is not the first time, minorities have been a target of murder. In 2014, the number of killing reported were seven in seven month. Due to which, Minority Rights Group International declared Pakistan as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for religious minorities.

The killers of Sardar Charanit Singh, a noble and progressive Pakistani, are terrorists. Moreover, Pakistanis nationwide are demanding justice for this brutal crime from the government of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhan.

“We all stand together with the minorities of Pakistan and demand justice”

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