“Veere Di Wedding” Banned in Pakistan as We are TOO “Sharif” to Handle it

For those who were eagerly waiting for this star studded film, it is more than bad news!  With Veere di Wedding banned in Pakistan, people are not so happy! Pakistan Censor board banned the film because of vulgar content and obscene scenes. Film main gaaliyan hain guys taubah taubah!

Ummmm wait but what about our Punjabi films and their obscene scenes? Oh right. We don’t talk about those.

Danyal Gilani, Chairman, Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC), told IANS via social media:

“Members of the CBFC unanimously decided to not allow the film for public exhibition in the cinemas as its content flouts the Censorship of Film Code 1980.”

The movie was screened for the CBFC in Pakistan on Tuesday night. According to trade sources, the movie was deemed unfit for exhibition due to “vulgar dialogues and obscene scenes”. If we talk about vulgar dialogues, Pakistani film, Jawaani Phir Nahi Aani contained abundance of vulgar jokes. Remember that item number from Na Maloom Afraad? Nope, forgot that!

How is it that it went unnoticed? Maybe the Censor board should revise their definition of vulgarity. It is agreed that it has vulgar content, but Pakistan is not alien to the concept of vulgarity. It is present in our society.

With Veere di Wedding banned in Pakistan, torrents and online streaming is sure to come in handy.

This will give rise to copyright and piracy issues. So basically, banning one movie will become a gateway for cyber theft.

Coming back to the movie, it has drawn a lot of interest especially, as it is Kareena’s first film since she became a mother, and Sonam’s first movie to release since her wedding.

Swara is stepping into a new zone and Shikha is making her debut with the project, directed by Shashanka Ghosh. The movie released on Friday in India.


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