PTI Hired and Fired a Convicted Rapist and it Shows the Power of Social Media Activism

PTI welcomed and expelled Farooq Bandial only in an hour due to social media backlash.

Political parties have realized the power of social media over the years. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) took the initiative of using it to convey their political messages. It’s not only an easy way for the known figures to reach out but even the followers and fans can easily convey their thoughts. Public proved its power on Thursday when PTI welcomed Farooq Bandial in their party.

Only after an hour, PTI had to expel Farooq as people reacted to this decision on social media.

Farooq Bandial has a long history of criminal record. He was handed a death sentence in 1979 for committing armed dacoity at a film actress, Shabnam’s house in Lahore. He was also accused of being among five men who assaulted and raped the actress at her residence in 1978. Later the death sentence was commuted by General Zia-ul-Haq after Shabnam and her family were pressurized to pardoned them.

News clipping from Dawn edition of October 24, 1979.

Farooq Bandial

A picture of Bandial and Imran Khan, chairman PTI, went viral on social media with the news of his joining.

Farooq Bandial

However, party was forced to take an action when people criticized PTI for accepting a criminal.

Soon, the spokesman of PTI, Fawad Chaudhry tweeted that the chairman has taken a notice of the reports regarding Bandial.

They made one-man committee of Naeem-ul-Haque to investigate the matter and report it to Imran Khan within three days. Minutes later, Naeem-ul-Haque tweeted the announcement of expelling Farooq Bandial from the party. He said that there was no place in their party for a person with such a record.

It seems like social media won’t let anyone get away with their deeds anymore.

In the age of social media, it’s not easy anymore to just get away with your doings. Public can question you right away and it becomes a news. Social media has the power to make you a star overnight or damage you completely. It was a strong message for all the politicians and political parties that they cannot fool the public anymore. This is definitely very empowering and no one had thought of it before social media.

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